Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Adding Some Glam/Glitter to Our Girl's Dresser Knobs

Our girls share a bedroom; for a long while we were able to get away with keeping all their clothes in their bedroom closet. When this got too tight last year, we added a tall gray dresser to one side of their room, which worked well until recently.

Well, over time they've grown (shocking) and we noticed that their clothing collection had as well. So in doing what I do best around here, I decided it was time to play musical furniture. 

My husband and I moved this white wooden dresser upstairs a few months ago and I thought I'd try it out in the girl's room. I ended up liking how it looked and decided it was going to stay. The dresser serves a good purpose and gives our girls more space to put their clothes away (who doesn't love more storage?).

However, this dresser has come a long way since we bought it years ago, and I figured it was time to fancy up the knobs a bit with some sparkle. 

On a recent trip to HL with my kids, my girls spotted this beautiful gold and pink card stock.


With a price tag of $2, I decided to buy the card stock to see if we could somehow use it for the knobs. 

My plan was to cut out little circles large enough to fit over the front of the original knobs and use Mod Podge to secure them.

I started by tracing a knob to make 12 circles on the paper and then cut them out. 

Once the card stock was attached, I added more Mod Podge over the glitter paper and let it dry.

Hopefully, they will hold up nicely over time. We shall see! 

Tip: I believe this project would work much better on wooden knobs if you have them. Also, a lighter paper (something not too thick) would adhere better than the paper I used.  

We also bought this gold "Sparkle" sign for a couple bucks to add to their door. :) I mean, why not?! 

I don't know about you, but I love a good before and after here is one from a few years ago.

picture is from the listing when the house was on the market

 Here is where we are today with this space! 

So fun to see the changes over time that we've made in here. :)

Thursday, April 5, 2018

A Spring Wreath for Under $15 (plus some shopping at Hobby Lobby)

My oldest has Spring Break from school this week, so the kids and I decided to take a trip to our nearest Hobby Lobby in Va. Beach. While the drive there was less than pleasant due to a couple of accidents around the tunnel, the Lord was gracious to us and the kids were rock stars! Despite the longer than normal drive, we actually enjoyed our day in the city. The kiddos even got some ice cream for their good behavior ;)

One of our stops was Hobby Lobby- one of my favorite craft stores. It's probably a good thing they aren't closer to us though. If they were, my wallet would be in a lot of trouble. Regardless, we didn't do too much damage there, and still managed to walk away with some pretty sweet deals. 
One of which was material to make a new wreath for our front door. For less than $15, I'll show you how you can make one too.
Before I do, this is the wreath that originally started it all. You can buy one on Etsy for about $119. But I didn't want to spend that much on a wreath, so here is what I came up with.

Materials needed: 
Green wire wreath (already had)
Burlap bow ($2)
Some faux greenery with flowers ($8)
A "welcome" sign ($3)
Spray paint (already had)

To start, I took out a wire wreath that hadn't been in use in quite some time. It was perfect for this project because the green wire blended nicely with all the faux greenery that was wrapped around the wreath.

I wrapped the faux ivy around the wreath first followed by the faux floral arrangement. 

Next, I grabbed the burlap bow and added it to the bottom of the wreath using some wire.

I decided to spray paint the "welcome" sign white because I wanted it to stand out a bit on the wreath.
Tip: To hang the "welcome" sign, I just used a paper clip and it seemed to do the trick!

Again, I could have left the wreath as you see below, but once the "welcome" sign was added, it really made this wreath stand out even more.

I did ask our oldest, Tess, if the sign should be angled or straight, and she thought keeping it straight would look best. 
I couldn't agree more!


In the meantime, while I was working on this simple, quick project, our kids were out playing (in the somewhat cold weather we had today). 
Our Lydia wanted to work on her weaving skills using a kit we bought at Hobby Lobby for under $5! 

I remember having one of those when I was a kid. It brought back memories of always wanting to fill my parents home with all these colorful potholders I made. I'm sure she'll be doing the same. :)

Tessa found this cute coral floral arrangement on sale at HL, so we got those as well. They go nicely in the girls room.

This little stinker wasn't forgotten...

There was a dinosaur section at HL that just seemed to be screaming his name. He picked out a few things, one of which was this "Boys Only" sign. Not sure how well it will work however, since he can never seem to keep his sisters out of his room. Seems only fair they hang out in there since he likes to rummage through their things when he thinks no one is looking. ;)

Do you have a Hobby Lobby near you? What kind of things are you drawn to there?

I'm hoping to get some other posts up soon of a few other simple projects (that is, if they go according to plan).

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Thrifted Table and Chair Makeover

A few months ago, we purchased a solid wood drop-leaf table and 2 chairs for $20. The size, shape, and price were perfect and what we had been looking for in the breakfast area. And although the table did need a little bit of work, for $20, we didn't mind.

The two chairs that came with it were originally a lighter wood tone. It didn't match the finish on the table and there were some paint spots on the seat. After a light sanding, I painted them with some left over chalkboard paint (the same we used for the play room). 

Here it is today:

Our kids like to eat their breakfast or snack in this little spot. The view out the window isn't too bad either. Occasionally, we have seen deer in our backyard which the kids LOVE to watch while they are eating.

We also decided to add these rubber white "feet" to the chairs to protect the floors. It also makes it harder for a certain little person in our house to move them around all over the place scratching up the floors. ;)

Silly faces!!

I'm finding more and more that I'm such a sucker for wood tones paired with gray and black. There's just something about that combo together that I love! 
Because of this, I also added some wood trim around our chalkboard calendar (pictured above), because again, I wanted to add more wood tones to this space. 
We love how everything came together in this little space.